Seminario de Política y Gobierno “Criminal Organizations, Informal Governance, and Violence against the Press in Mexico”

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“While attacks on journalists are regular occurrences in many areas where criminal organizations operate, other areas similarly populated by criminals do not exhibit such violence. Examining violence by drug-tra_cking organizations in Mexico, we develop a theory of tracker control of information to produce hypotheses for when and where trackers are likely to attack journalists.


We test these hypotheses on micro-level data on journalist homicides and the industrial organization of illegal markets. Contrary to popular belief, our evidence reveals that the presence of large, pro_table criminal organizations does not necessarily lead to violence against the press. It is only when territories are inhabited by rival criminal groups that the probability of journalists being fatally injured increases. Rivalry inhibits criminal organizations’ ability to control information leaks to the press, instead creating incentives for such leaks to be used as a weapon to intensify o_cial enforcement operations against rivals. Without the capacity to informally govern press content, criminals a_ected by such press coverage are more likely to target journalist”.



Ver documento completo: Holland_Rios_Journalists_2014

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CIDE Semanal 19-23 de mayo de 2014 Analiza geográficamente el CIDE actividad criminal en el Distrito Federal


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